Buying or selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your lifetime – and one of the most expensive! While there are many sites that will help you buy or sell a home by yourself, having an experienced realtor by your side can help make sure you make the right choices. Whether it’s knowing what to look for when buying, or understanding negotiations, here are my top reasons why I always recommend using a realtor.

Pricing Expertise

While most people can look online to find recent sales information, this process can be laborious and oftentimes lacks the context that a realtor with good knowledge of an area can provide in order to ensure that you don’t waste your time touring houses that will likely not meet your financial criteria.

Or if you’re selling a home, you may not know where to look for accurate comparables for your home. There is nothing worse than not getting what your home is actually worth, especially in the hot Toronto real-estate market.

Home Repair and Maintenance Knowledge

When repairs or issue are identified a good realtor will be able to let you know whether the issue is truly significant / costly and worth bargaining for or possibly walk away from the deal.

Finding Available Houses

Good realtor will not only help you sift through the list of available houses but they will also, at times, be able to provide you with less publicized listing resulting from individuals wanting to sell their houses in a more discreet way.

Understanding the Process

Whether it is buying or selling home, the process to do so is far from simple and can be exhaustive. From securing a mortgage, to researching the area, to inspecting the home, to dealing with administrative and legal issues, a realtor will be a significant help to help you manoeuvre through this process in as painless and efficient a way as possible.

Unemotional Negotiation

Some people avoid working with a real estate agent because they think their fees are too high. They want to save money by not paying a commission. However, this overlooks one of the main benefits of using a realtor. Your realtor is a professional negotiator and they will simultaneously fight for your interests and keep the deal from falling apart due to hurt feelings.

Answer Questions After Closing

Many questions can pop up that were overlooked in the excitement of closing. Tax and legal issues can be confusing and time consuming especially in the midst of moving into a new home. Good agents stand by ready to assist you deal with these issues if you need them to.